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Trends In Fashion – Denim

Though denim is not an uncommon thing for the fashion lovers as almost everyone has a pair of denim jeans or a denim jacket but for its durable and ruff n tuff features denim has been taken as a part of the latest trends in fashion for summer/ spring collection in 2013 in a number of wash styles and designer clothes.

The craze for denim outfits was decreased during last few years due to the increasing popularity of tailored shorts and chinos during summer season. But still there is much craze about denim outfits even if the sun is still much hot. Some of the latest trends in fashion regarding denim outfits are briefly discussed in this article for your guidance.

trends in fashion

Trends in Fashion – Denim with a smarter approach

Though it may not be surprising news for 2013 trends in fashion in denim but still some of the brands like Acne Studio etc, which are known for their designer fashion range in denim, may amaze you through their stylish outfits. Most of the denim clothing created for this season are based on the traditional styles which include denim jackets and unfinished, raw-edged denim gilets. Along with all these fashion styles the fabric is also used recently for creating some formal wears like 4 piece suits in indigo denim that includes blazer, waistcoat, trousers and tunic.

Some of the fashion houses have taken a step ahead to pair oxford style sliver laced oversized dark denim shorts with a dark denim blazer to give a smarter and more aesthetic sense to the latest denim fashion wears. Some of the producers of recent styled fashion-wears like Valentino had presented a new sporty look in denims by pairing trainers with crisp white shirt.

Denim jackets new trends in fashion

Denim jackets are other kind of denim fashion wears that are popular among men all age groups. A blouson-styled version of denim jacket with zip fastening paired with grey color tailored trousers and a patterned white shirt with beige laces has been introduced to latest trends in fashion by several fashion designers like Nicole Farhi etc. Some of the popular fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, YMC and Valentino had introduced denim jackets with more traditional looks than Nicole and others by adding a unique twist in the denim jacket with round neck as well as adding contrast colored navy pockets with stone washed denim jacket.

Similarly Versace and Dsquared2 had forwarded a step ahead by introducing sleeveless denim gillets which were popular long back in 1980s. The incorporation of collar detailing in leopard-print to be worn under tailored blazers which provided a multi-layered look was a striking design presented by Dsquared2. Several plain shirts with denim collar detailing or denim panel accompanied with floral denim brooch were also some of the latest trends in fashion introduced by this brand which embraced the fabric completely.

Thus, denim, one of the most popular fabrics since decades, has become the base of 2013 trends in fashion for men by introducing new apparels on the basis of traditional fashion wears.

Fashions Room In The World

Whenever we think about that amazing and glimmering appearance of a particular serene environment, what rings on our minds is a distinguishing style. Fashion is something that is developed to act as a one stop scenario that almost everyone will appreciate and admire. Fashions room in particular has to do with the showcasing that glamorous looks of a new design that acts as an improvement to the previous one. This auspicious room allows a professional designer to display his/her latest trendy fashion styles to potential customers. It does not just entail displaying new products but doing it in an exquisite manner that will bring out that artistic impression into reality.

Fashions Room in the World

If you want to take a visit to a fashions room, it is advisable that you book an appointment in most cases. By having a special day, the attendants will have prepared for your great reception. It is not always open to the public as there are multiple activities that take place in this room. It is specifically meant to invite its clientele possibly investors who buy the lot in large number for sale. For example, for the designers their job is to make model’s outfit that are normally used during public/private function. It does not just stop there as event’s outfits too can be arranged at fashions room.

Fashions Room in the World

Fashions Room

What then makes this place different from other places where such accessories exist? The displaying of the trendy fashion accessories is unique and elegant. In our homes, most of our garments would be in the wardrobes. In fashions room, they may be similar but not the same. First, the outfits should be placed in a focal point where everyone can view it exclusively. The arrangement of the outfits is made in chronological orders that create that artistic prowess. Garments of the same colors can be grouped together or if its ladies shoes, high heels cannot be mixed with low heels in the same rack. The arrangement makes such a room a place that everyone will adore it forever.

Fashions Room:

A clientele cannot just move around the room without getting some courtesy acknowledged to him/her. When taking a walk in the fashions room, in some cases, you may need to get more information about a particular outfit. The room attendants would not just explain to you while you are standing. There is always a seat that is strategically located where you and the attendant would take a sit and inquiry will continue at that place. It is wise taking into account that the fashions room is there for us. You are the reason why the facility was set up.

A great deal of common shopping malls would seduce you to take a particular fashion design for their own interest. A fashions room is different as they will get what you request them for not vice versa. Don’t rush into conclusion, take time to understand what you really want so that you don’t regret later.

Next time you visit a fashions room; don’t forget to ask them when they will be unleashing other fancy wears.

Rainy Day Fashion Tips

Looking good through the rainy season, tips on making the rainy day fashion come to life, and embracing the weather through these rainy day fashion tips. Read on.

Rainy days do not always have to be a bad thing or a reason to stay cooped up indoors for the fear of getting wet. Fashion knows no boundaries as there will always be something for everyone for all seasons. You can look absolutely amazing even under layers of garments as long as they are all in style. The rainy weather is usually cold so you might want to ensure that you stay warm through out. Warm clothes can be trendy too if in the right size, material and design. There are a few rainy day fashion tips you should consider when shopping.

Rainy day fashion

How to stay trendy with the top rainy day fashion must have?

1. Water resistant ballet flats

At times light showers sprinkle over the earth for a few minutes every now and then as opposed to heavy down pours. It would be completely inappropriate to wear heavy clothes or rain boots for such a short lived rain session. In this case, water resistant ballet flats are an ideal choice especially if you are in a warm place or wearing light clothing. They are light in weight and have a water resistant cover that keeps them from getting rain damaged. This rainy day fashion item keeps you from having to carry an extra pair of shoes for when the showers stop.

2. Rain bags

Unfortunately most fashionable umbrellas aren’t big enough to cover your whole body. This leaves your hair and shoulders dry but your bag soaking wet which shouldn’t be the case. You need overall protection from the water and rain bags are specially designed to keep your bag and its contents safe and dry. This rain day fashion item has a special water resistant layer over it which makes it bag water proof and its contents safe and dry.

3. Rain hat

Well it would be ridiculous having to carry around an umbrella during the unpredictable weather seasons especially if it doesn’t rain. In this case rainy day fashion includes a rain hat that would is an absolute must have. Not only is this hat trendy and portable but it is also water resistant which keeps your hair dry. It can easily fit in to your hand bag and is very light in weight. This hat will keep you covered before you find a more suitable alternative or get to a dry place.

4. Rain boots

When it pours, it is always best to play it safe with the good old fashioned rain boots. Gone are the days when fashion lovers had to have their shoes ruined all in the name of looking good. If the streets are flooded then it definitely wouldn’t hurt to put on some rain boots. These will not only keep your feet dry but safe from insect bites too. Fashion is always known to reinvent things and this is no exception. There are cuter and trendy rain boots in the market that will compliment your outfit and overall appearance.

Rainy day fashion has gone to extreme lengths to ensure that all fashion lovers look good and trendy even during the wet season. Ensure that you get these fashion items in the best condition to avoid leakages and disappointments.

Valentino Studded Bag With High Huality How To Get It?

For the fall season, the latest trend is the designer studded bags. The Valentino Studded Bag collection comes in a variety of styles and colors. The design consists of heavy metal embellishments and a plethora of studs. This collection has become popular over the last few seasons and continues to be popular. Shoppers are attracted to its toughness, luxury, and femininity.

Valentino Studded Bag Collection

The Valentino collection has a handbag for every occasion. If you want a stylish, durable bag for the office, then you cannot go wrong with the Punkouture Studded Patent Tote Bag. The Punkouture is made with light golden hardware and Vernice leather. The red bold color is going to turn heads when entering a room. On the other hand, the Rockstud Wristlet Clutch Bag is a good handbag for a night out on the town or a party.

The Rockstud Clutch comes in a bold apple color and sets off any outfit. You can pair it with all black or a colorful ensemble. It is made of sleek vitello leather with platino hardware. The clutch also has the signature pyramid studs.

There are certain things to consider when choosing a designer bag like valentino studded bag. It is important to buy from a reputable buy and choose an authentic product. Authentic designer bags are made from high quality materials and hardware. Shoppers can benefit from selecting a bag that is durable and worth the money you paid for it.

Check the Material

The material should be appropriate for the style of the handbag. For example, business totes should be made of durable, thick materials like heavy canvas or leather. These materials ensure that the handbag will last a long time.

Valentino Studded Bag

Secure Straps

You want to look at the straps to make sure they are secure and consistent. It helps to choose styles that have an understrap without any raw or unfinished edges. Low quality straps are another way to determine if a handbag is a knock off designer brand.

Test Strength

The strap attachment has to be checked for flawless and reinforced stitching. This is found where the handle end meets at the top of the bag. You want to tug on it gently to test the strength.


Zippers are another concern. Many cheap brands install low quality zippers on their products. The zippers are easy to get stuck or break off. They have to be tested, but should not have this problem with a brand like Valentino. You want to make sure the zipper is functioning properly and the teeth do not catch on the material.


The lining in a high quality designer bag is made of a thick and durable material like leather, vinyl, wool or nylon. You want to also check the inside of the bag for crooked seams and holes. The handbag should be flawless made without any defects.

Some shoppers think they can save by buying from a flea market or side vendor. It is important to understand that designers do not sell their handbags to flea markets or discount stores. The Valentino Studded Bag is an impressive collection with something available to match every outfit.

Jack Purcell Life Of Badminton Champion And Famous Shoes Designer

Have you heard about  Jack Purcell? Most of young people nowadays did not know about him but you probably knew the famous shoes brand that he made. Jack was the world champion in badminton and he get his career in 1929 and 1930.  Three years later he claim his world champion which in 1933. You can find in internet about that information. He then decides to retire in 1945 and change his career as stock broker. Beside that background he also a shoes designer. Jack or John Edward Purcell was a designer of port shoes. His design gets famous and made him popular until today.

Jack Purcell: Badminton Career

Jack Purcell is a Canadian professional badminton athlete. He beats all of the world badminton players and become a leading player in the entire world in 1932. He pronounces his world champion after he beats all top players that come from Canada, America, and British. He keeps his triumph until he retires in 1945. Before that year he often got challenge by other player for his champion status but he succeeds to beat them all and keep his success. The Canadian Press dedicates the Canada’s Outstanding Athlete of the 20th Century for Purcell for his achievement.   

Jack Purcell: Athlete, Stockbroker And Shoe Designer

Beside his sport live Jack Purcell also a stockbroker which also becomes a member of Toronto Stock Exchange. He lives in Toronto until he died in 1991 when he is 87 years old. He designs the canvas and also rubber sneaker for badminton in 1935. He designed it to gives more protections and support on badminton courts.

Jack Purcell Life Decor

Jack Purcell Life Design

Jack Purcell Life for Men

Jack Purcell Life Ideas

Jack Purcell Life

Brown Jack Purcell Life

Dark Blue Jack Purcell Life

In the 1970s, Converse purchased the trademark rights to Jack Purcell sneakers – which it still produces and sells today. The shoe, which is similar in appearance to Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Stars, can be distinguished by the signature “smile” across the toe. Converse “Jack Purcell” are still popular – but more for their vintage fashion appeal than for athletic use.

Make A True Fashion Statement With Apple Bottom Jeans

Apple Bottom Jeans represents a brand that’s been launched in 2003 by the rap artist Nelly along with Ian Kelly and Yomi Martin. They’ve been made famous by the renowned American rapper Flo Rida, in the duet song “Low” starring T-Pain. From then on, many women choose this apparel as a way of sending strong fashion signals at certain events and getting their style taste remarked. This type of clothing works like a charm at any type of event, but it cannot go unnoticed when speaking about parties or ballrooms. With this in mind, here are a few advantages of this clothing that women should take into consideration:

Apple Bottom Jeans Make Legs Appear Sexier

Apple Bottom Jeans

Image Source: http://www.latinfashion.co.uk/

Due to the fact they are molded on the legs, this type of clothes makes women appear to have more legs and thus be sexier on the dance floor. Furthermore, they cannot be considered uncomfortable as when dancing they tend to follow legs’ movement, hence resulting in great hip-hop or dance moves. These clothes are simply great when it comes to casual dance, hence why many stars including J Lo chose to wear them till date.

Work well with just about any outfit

They work excellent with any type of casual or party outfit, being the perfect party starter in a matter of events. They do not necessitate frequent washing and they can turn into the perfect replacement for a long dress when it comes to stylish appearances. Considered as the epitome of urban clothing, most women choose these to relinquish their exquisite fashion state and help them get remarked on the dance-floor or at special occasions.

To help highlight the bottom part

Many women complain about the fact that they make them appear less feminine and sexy, but this is not the case of the famous Nelly brand. These jeans are super slim and are exactly what a woman needs when it comes to highlighting the bottom part and legs during special events. They do not present a low waist so the risk of them falling off is basically inconsistent, even when worn in association with a belt.

Can be worn in just about any event

Regardless whether speaking about an exquisite party, a night out with the girls or simply some evening shopping, these jeans can be worn successfully every time. They never get old and help attract man’s attention in whatever circumstances, since they are created to make you feel sexy while wearing them. Choose to get out of the crowd and order a pair of Apple Bottom so that you can become a fashion star even if only for one night.

In conclusion, these jeans were created as to aid women obtain that perfect look without the usual hassle. Being easily assorted to a wide array of outfits, these ones never pass by unnoticed. They help highlight every inch of the leg and waist, hence helping women to feel sexier than ever. Coming in different sizes, they are guaranteed to be a perfect fit for everyone. The color choice ranges from light blue to dark, which is a more suitable choice for night clubs.