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What Is Fashion Week And Its Importance For People

In case you don’t know what is fashion week; it is specific event of fashion world that goes on for a week and it happened twice in a year in main capitol of fashion world that is Paris, Milan, New York city and London. In these fashion events fashion designers, fashion brands and fashion houses display latest fashion trend created by them.

What is Fashion Week?

As said above all fashion weeks held twice in a year, once in spring or in summer and another one in winter. In summer or spring fashion week they display fashion designs for winter season and in winter season fashion week they display designs for summer. They do it with a simple purpose in mind that buyers can order for the specific design now and they will get it in next season with hundred percent assurance.

 New York Fashion Week

Other than seasonal styling fashion designers also display those new concept designs in fashion week that designers developed with so much hard work and dedication. These concept designs are result unique and innovative ideas of designer. Designers love to display these concept designs in fashion weeks only because many fashion gurus from the world visit in fashion weeks and designer get candid response from those people who understand the fashion.

What is Fashion Week and its Importance for People

In these fashion weeks designers get a great chance to display their latest creation or fashion ideas to the world. These new fashion ideas could include shoes, bags, clothes, and many more accessories for male and female. Many supermodels also take part in these events and they model for designers based on designer’s reputation and in case designer is not very well known than they have to model their clothes or fashion accessories with less known models.

If we talk about what is fashion week for new designers or for models, we can say it is a gold mine for them because they get chance to learn lot of new thing from established people. Also in fashion weeks they get chance to meet new people or big name of fashion world. These new people and big name can help new fashion designers or models in a great way. Also a fashion week can change life of any designer or model and can make them a star just by one great show. That’s why new fashion designer and emerging models love to visit these fashion week events.

So if you still have the question “what is fashion week” then here is its answer in simplest possible manner. Fashion week is a prestigious fashion event that goes on for a week and these fashion weeks decide fashion trends for future. Organizers and people around the world organize fashion weeks at various places but Milan, London, Paris and New York City fashion weeks are most prestigious fashion events and in these fashion weeks every fashion designer wants to showcase their creation or latest designs for appreciation. The greatest thing about these four fashion weeks is that, it can change the life of a designer or models in a great way and can accelerate their carrier just by one successful show. So, after reading the above post, I am sure you folks must have known “what is fashion week “.

Enhance Your Fashion Look With Butterfly Tattoos

It goes without saying that tattoos add a sense of style and glamour to the body. However, making a decision about having a tattoo does not come easy especially owing to the fact that you will have it for a life time. One of the most common tattoo designs is the butterfly tattoos. These tattoos are common among women. As it is known, the butterfly is one of the most adorable insects all thanks to its cute shape and lovely colors.

Reasons for having a tattoo

These artistic designs are meant to stay in your body for life. Therefore, it is recommended that you do it for the right reason. This will ensure that you do not regret having the tattoo. Some of the reasons why women chose to have this form of artistic design are:

  • It may be a source of inspiration. This is the reason why most women will feel connected to the butterfly inked on their bodies.
  • It is easy to cover. A time may come where your job demands such designs are removed. Additionally, skin conditions might demand for its removal. This will become an easy task since it does not occupy a lot space in your body.
  • Symbolic. You can decide to have a unique design. You can use this as your trademark symbol. In addition, butterflies are used to symbolize free spirits. Just like in real life situations, butterflies are free to roam anywhere they want.
  • The butterflies’ Lifecycle. The butterfly is known to undergo different life cycles and through each cycle it comes out more beautiful. The same case applies to human beings. Through the hardships in life, human beings grow stronger as they are a learning experience. Through the life cycle of this adorable insect, women are able to relate to the various phases in life that a woman has undergone.

Butterfly Tattoos

What are the various types of Butterfly Tattoos design available?

There are various unique designs available. These designs are not only suitable for women, but also men. In addition, these butterflies can be inked on different parts of the body. Some of the available designs are:

1. Neck butterfly designs

You can decide to have the butterfly positioned on your neck. Although it is on the neck, it might not also be conspicuous.

2. Butterfly designs on the back

Most women prefer to have their designs positioned on the back. This will definitely look good on the body, especially on a day out on the beach. Additionally, on the back you can have a huge design or many butterfly designs.

3. Butterfly foot tattoos

This is another place where most women like to have their butterfly tattoo is positioned. This allows you to still go to work without many people noticing his tattoo. It is also a pretty fashionable look.


Butterfly tattoos are not only a way to enhance fashion looks but they are also a way to draw strength and inspiration. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to enhance your fashion looks and still make it look meaningful, you now know what to do.

Fashion Footwear Shoes – To Make A Stylish Statement

Fashion footwear shoes constitute the vital segment of a person’s unique needs. Footwear is one of the major accessories that are taking on the role of increasing importance in the current fashion system. Footwear has indeed passed on from being a luxury to an item of necessity as it is considered very important to complement any outfit. Women are rather obsessed and fascinated by fashion footwear and in case of men the most important part of their attire are their footwear. Yes, fashion footwear shoes have become an essential item of every individual’s wardrobe.

fashion footwear shoes

Importance of fashion footwear shoes

Fashion footwear is the most imperative accessory as they help you to express your style and personality in a great way. These important Add Ons allow you to perfect your appearance and also satisfy your insatiable craze for fashion accessories. There is a wide array of stylish and fashionable footwear for you to pick and pair your attire and liking. Wearing chic and attractive footwear reveals your great taste and aesthetic sense. Yes, wearing fashionable and stylish footwear depicts your attitude towards fashion and shows off your personality.

Types of fashionable footwear for men and women:

The types of women’s fashion footwear  shoes that has invaded the scene over the years are the following:

1. Heels: These shoes feature an elevated part at the back and they come in different designs, styles and multitude of materials.

2. Flats: They are footwear that do not have an elevation at the back and are indeed stylish with the right kind of attire.

3. Boots: Besides being stylish and aesthetically attractive they are the perfect choice for winters.

4. Wedges: This footwear is highly stylish and trendy and characterized by heels that run the length of the bottom of the shoe.

5. Sandals: They are cute shoes fastened to the ankle with straps and perfect for beach wear.

6. Brogues: They are the most practical shoes that add some flair to casual outfits or completing a formal look.

7. Ballet-pumps: These girlish yet sophisticated shoes assure a stylish statement while providing utmost comfort.

8. Ugg style boots: These boots are highly fashionable and extremely trendy. They are great options for style and comfort.

9. Clog shoes: They are the perfect choice for trendy women who desire to stay ahead of the crowd.

Men’s fashion footwear Shoes:

1. Brogues: They are extremely versatile footwear as they can be paired with both formals and casual attire.

2. Moccasins: They are also the most popular types of men’s fashion shoes as they are perfect for adding some flair to any type of outfit.

3. Loafers: They are meant for both formal and casual occasions in rendering a fashion statement as well as providing utmost comfort. It allows men to be stylishly attired when loafing around. A fashion conscious man must have a pair of loafers in his wardrobe.

4. Sneakers: They offer a good fit with a sleek and contemporary style. A pair-of sneaker is a must-have in every man’s closet.

5. Espadrilles: They are perfect to complement every day outfit and with a pair of espadrilles you will definitely look great this summer. They are indeed great to wear around as they are comfortable and light-weight.

6. Men’s cowboy boots: Fashion conscious men literally adore these fashionable boots.

The right kind of fashion footwear shoes complements any type of stylish outfit. While buying stylish fashion footwear shoes it is also essential to look beyond fashion and consider quality and functionality as well.

Secret Fashion Show And Its Growing Popularity

The majority of the people from different parts of the world are becoming highly fashion conscious with every passing day. As a result, the popularity of designer wear has been on the upsurge. This recognition is not only limited to the clothes that people wear, but also applies to inner wears. Lingerie, bikinis, bras and panties have become a fashion statement, which has compelled the creative designers as well as various lingerie companies to splurge huge amount of dollars on the secret fashion show to display their latest works. The guests to such fashion show are usually celebrities from film fraternities and other popular sectors. Special invitations are sent out to selected list of celebrities and entry of others is completely prohibited. With over a million of audiences, this secret fashion show is the star studded affair.

Secret Fashion Show

Secret Fashion Show

The models, which walk the ramp in sexy bikinis or very expensive bras and panties, are gorgeous female models from various parts of the world. They usually have wings, crowns, tiaras, fur or floral patterns to offer a sexy and rich appeal to the entire show. This glittery show is aired only on selected TV channels, which have the rights to broadcast the show after following a few procedures. People all around the world just glued to their television sets to have a glimpse of sexy models in a ravishing and most expensive inner wears. The sizzling females in extra high heels take everyone’s breath away. That is why people anticipate the date of secret fashion show with great expectations.

With the rise in its popularity and increasing response from various corners of the globe, the entertainment segment has improved greatly. Popular pop singers and dancers are roped in to offer a captivating and mesmerizing performance, which has created a great enthusiasm among the youngsters. The main attraction of such secret fashion show is a popular model of the year wearing a bra that costs a whopping sum of $2.5 million which is the dream of every girl on the planet. The bra boasts of delicate and intricate designs that consist of more than 3,400 gems.

Apart from its pomp and rich garments used in the secret fashion show, the models who walk down the ramp are blessed souls as they get the chance to use the world class makeup products. In addition, more than 20 makeup artists work on them to make them look very beautiful and radiant. The unique blend of top notch makeup, posh inner wear, sexy models, high voltage celebrity performance and fashion make the fashion show a great success each year.

Whether witnessing the show live or on TV, it is like living in a fantasy as the theme is different from each other. These are carried with great ease by the beautiful damsels who walk with great poise with a soothing and lingering music at the backdrop. Apart from the exorbitant look and style, secret fashion show aims at bringing heaven to Earth, which is filled with extravagance and luxury. There are no words to describe the sexual energy it creates within each individual in secret fashion show!

Wonderful Fashion Design Tips

The word fashion can be defined as the most admired and latest style in behavior, cosmetic and clothes. There are currently many wonderful fashions. Since fashion is always changing, it is usually at times very hard to stay up to date with the most recent styles. It is important to be on the lookout if you do not want to be out of date and old fashioned. This article is going to provide some insights on the wonderful fashion design.

Wonderful Fashion Design Tips

The quilted fabrics: It will be a wonderful fashion to have the quilted fabrics after the winter season. If you want to appear fashionable, it is important that buy clothing that has been made from this fabric. The trend is to wear the given quilted fabrics loosely. You should however not be too loose because you may end up looking heavier. It is also important to note that with jewels you look better when you wear less. Wearing a lot of jewels will make you appear tacky. When you overdo something, you may end up ruining your good look. When you wear a little bit of jewels you will appear classy and elegant.

Wonderful Fashion

Wonderful Fashion

The lip pencil can help you have more defined and fuller lips. The lip pencil needs to be blended with the sponge applicator. The sponge applicator will help you avert the hard lines. You can then use the gloss after the lip pencil to underscore your lips. To achieve a pouty look, you can finish off by applying extra gloss at the center of your lips. If you so wish, you can use the eye shadow to spotlight your lips. You can also add a little smudge towards the center of your lips.

Hair is also part of the wonderful fashion designs. If you have thin air, you may consider applying mousse. Although the use of mousse is a great styling tip, it should be used sparingly. You can thicken your hair by using products like mousse. When you use too much mousse on your thin hair, your natural hair may have the plastic appearance which you would want to avoid in the first case.

Wonderful Fashion Design

If you want to keep with the latest wonderful fashion designed, then it is important to get rid of your old clothes. When you give out your old clothes, you will be challenged to shop for more clothes. You are most likely to go for the latest fashion trends and design. When you give out your old clothes you will not only save time when buying new clothes but also help the less fortunate people in society who cannot clothe themselves. When buying clothes, it is important to be bolder with the color of your new outfits. Colorful outfits will add flair to the other dark clothes that you are wearing.

You should not carry all your makeup when you are moving from one place to another. Only carry the makeup products that you really need and those that are in sync with the outfits that you are wearing. You will definitely catch the eyes of many people if you put the above wonderful fashion design into practic

Dragon Tattoos Designs On Your Body

Dragons are the mythical fire-breathing serpents that represent power, strength and wisdom, all of which is encapsulated in serrated beauty. That is to say, their images have for long been used to design some of the most popular tattoos we have. And contrary to what most people think, there are tons of dragon tattoo designs to choose from; or, let’s say, any dragon design you can possibly imagine of, can be created in the tattoo world. That said, here are some of the top dragon tattoos anyone should consider:

Dragon Tattoos Head

Dragon Tattoos Head

Well, if you’re not comfortable with having an entire dragon for a tattoo, you can settle for the head only. For a good tattoo, get a professional tattoo artist to incorporate more detail into the dragon’s face; most notably, bright eyes, green scaled skin, serpent’s tongue, and sharp jagged teeth. In the same light, the head can be wreathed in water and flames, and more color incorporated in other facial features to bring out the subtle details.

Traditional dragon

This tattoo encompasses the entire body of a dragon, winding up around your leg, arm and back. Usually, such tattoos take too much skin, and can only be recommended to tattoo enthusiasts with experience. To advance the design, you can set fire or tidal waves as the background of the dragon. And even though the colors of these tattoos often times vary, you can paint the fire red and the water blue with white highlights.

Tribal dragon

Generally, tribal tattoos are designed from a set of intersecting jagged and rounded lines from different regions of the world. To get this tattoo, get a good tattoo artist to draw the intersecting lines and create the image of a dragon. And since the tattoo fuses images from different regions of the world, you can choose to stick with the traditional solid black color, or use shades of different colors to add details to the tattoo. In whichever case, a tribal tattoo generally shows less detail and can actually take less space on your skin.

Dragon scales

Rather than tattooing an entire dragon or its head, you can settle for a simple design like dragon scales. Basically, this type of tattoo involves tattooing a patch of dragon scales on a selected region of your body. The good part is that this tattoo can actually be made small or large without interfering with the details or unsettling the overall meaning. But most importantly, ensure the tattoo blends with the rest of the skin perfectly well and can, as well, reveal all the delicate details of the tattoo more adequately. Furthermore, it’s advisable to use traditional hues that appear course and touchable.

Nether dragons

Nether dragons tattoo

This type of tattoo incorporates both the dragon and other things found in nature. A good example is the tattoo of a Koi (or any other type of fish) swimming underneath a dragon. Often times, tattoo artists prefer using bright colors for nature tattoos to give it a fantastic look. However, you can still combine lighter and darker shades in the design to come up with a more realistic dragon tattoo.