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Fashion Updates For Men And Women

Trends and fashion are ever changing and no one ever wants to be left out. You would not want to step out of the house while resembling an 80-year old nanny which can turn out to be the worst fashion disaster. Fashion varies with gender, time of the year and the ongoing trends. It is also good to define your own fashion once in a while instead of imitating what you see around. In order to make a bold fashion statement, you should have constant fashion updates so that the next time you hit the streets, you get all the eyes swinging your way because you look trendy and stylish. 

Fashion Updates for Men and Women

Fashion Updates For Women:

Monochrome checked dresses for a smart-casual look are quite in vogue. Dresses with a square neckline give you a bold look, bringing to mind someone working in the media or banking. Dresses with a low hanging neckline are more suited for dinner-wear or cocktail parties. Get a dress which reaches just below the knees to give a glimpse of your legs without giving away too much.

Black and white monochrome jackets (meaning no other color) paired with either loose slacks or a fitting skirt will make you stand out. The good thing about this look is that you can pull it off on a casual day or on an official day. A bigger motif gives you a more outstanding look, so be bold and try this out. Accessorize with matching pearl low hanging earrings. Sunglasses on a sunny day will do. Even if you do not put them on, using them to hold back your hair is not a bad idea.

Fashion Updates

Fashion Updates

Fashion Updates For Men:

Tight fitting blazers and coats with a single button bring forth your masculinity. Colors like dull purple for the casual look or deep grey for a more official look will do. The blazer should do a good job of partially covering a tight fitting cotton shirt. Pink and baby blue are good colors to go with purple, especially on a day when the sun is not out. A tie is optional, but ties do not go well with fitting shirts. If you decide to put on a tie with this look, put on a loose-fitting shirt. Plug in a handkerchief that matches the tie into your breast pocket.

Latest Fashion Updates

Colorful suede or canvas loafers can be used to portray a playful nature if you are out on a date. There are some trendy loafers with more than one color. However, you should be cautious with these because they make your feet the focal point of your figure while taking away from your torso. For a more official look, yet remaining trendy, try black suede shoes. Accessorize with a good looking watch from your favorite designer and a cufflinks to boot.

Fashion updates varies with the time of the year. Depending on the occasion, what you wear can make a different statement. There are casual events, smart events and in-between events. Always remember we are in an age where we define our own fashion, but we still have to stick to the trend. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors. The bolder you are, the better you’ll look.

Samurai Tattoo – Perfect Representation Of Nobility And Valor

Tattoo is a reflection of one’s personality and style. The fact that it is a permanent in nature doesn’t deter people from getting inked because they like these meaningful designs on their body as they represent something. A popular tattoo design that works for males as well as females is the Samurai tattoo. Known as Bushi in Japanese, the Samurai is essentially a Japanese warrior that serves or protects people in the higher ranks of the society belonging to the medieval Japan era and the early-modern era. Even though their numbers have dwindled down to a minuscule number, their teachings exist at large and are being practiced even today!

Meaning Behind This Tattoo

Samurai Tatto

Even though this may not be a mainstream design in America yet when it comes to tattoos, they are very definitely gaining well-deserved popularity in this part of the world too apart from Asian countries. This design represents strength and bravery since Samurais are considered to be noble as their life mission is to protect and serve the aristocrats. When it comes to getting inked, Samurai designs have a lot of symbolic value in comparison to other designs. This is because there is a lot of cultural value and history attached to this group of people. Moreover, these warriors were also respected and highly regarded for their noble work and valor.

Tattoo Size – How Large Should It Be?

If you are thinking of getting a Samurai design inked on yourself, then you can consider getting a sleeve tattoo. Since this kind of design is complex in nature and not very subtle therefore it is best to display it on one’s upper arm as a sleeve tattoo. As for the size, it can be a large half-sleeve one that extends from the shoulder to an inch above the elbow area or it can just be a minimalist one that doesn’t cover the entire arm. Likewise, you can just opt for the face of the Samurai, the face and the upper torso or you can go for a full-blown design with the entire body inked.


If you are going for a full tattoo then the Samurai Warrior can be in chain mail armor. As this kind of armor calls for a lot of detailing, so the design is going to be complex. A Samurai chief design is also a great option for those looking for an extra masculine design. Samurai have a lot of rage in them and so the expression of the tattoo can be of one that is baring its teeth or with a furious face. This kind of tattoo is best left black and white, although red can be used sparingly to accentuate rage and to donate blood.

Whether in a fighting pose or in a normal pose, these designs exude self-discipline, boldness, nobility and masculinity. However, females can also flaunt this design in the form of a woman samurai. Such designs are very empowering, it is recommended to go for a close up in such a case. The tattoo can be accentuated with a Samurai sword with blood dripping from it for added gore and impact.

African Fashion: What You Need To Consider When Shopping

African Fashion is undoubtedly becoming more and more popular in most parts of the world. This is due to the fact that the media, these days, continue to focus the camera on celebrities showing off their new and interesting fashion style—the African Fashion. And because of this, every year, there are new talents coming out to occupy the list of designers into the field of African Fashion and, eventually, making a name.

Peculiar Characteristics of African Fashion

Just like any other fashion styles, the African Fashion also comes in a plethora of style and design. However, what is common with African fashion dresses is the fact that they are elegant, bright, colorful and, oftentimes, very comfortable.

Embroidery is also one significant feature of the African clothing, which adds more elegance and beauty to any person wearing it. Most of these clothing come in pronounced as well as broad embroidery. Yet, there are also some which are made simple.

Tips when Shopping for African Fashion Dresses

While this fashion style has already become a trend to most women, and even to men worldwide, many are still struggling what to pick and what not. Now, read on and know more about what to consider when buying for some African clothing to include in your closet.

1. Know the fabric it is made of

African Fashion uses a wide variety of African fabrics. Yet, the most famous of them all are the voile lace, brocade, satin lace, adire, linen, aso-oke and, of course the most popular, Ankara.

While the lace fabric is the most expensive, the Ankara is well-loved by many fashion experts since it is versatile. It can be made into both old and new design. Thus, it is also a very good idea to ask for the fabric the dress is made of.

2. Know what design suits your occasion

Generally, the rule of thumb here is that, the bigger the event which you are attending, the bigger the fabric. Consult experts as to which fabric is being used or is well fit in a particular occasion. However, what most people would probably prefer is a dress designed using the popular Ankara.

3. How much does the dress cost

Another big consideration when shopping is the cost. As discussed above, the cost generally depends on the fabric it is made of. But, of course, another thing to consider with regards to the cost is that, is the design original? Who made the design for you?

African Fashion

Embroidery also determines how much an African Fashion dress cost. Another rule to keep in mind: the more embroidery, the more expensive. So, before going into shopping, it is necessary to ask yourself if you really need the embroidery or not. There you have it: the basic considerations when purchasing for African clothing.

Again, if you want to try unique yet interesting fashion style that will make you more elegant and beautiful, then go for African Fashion. You will never regret putting one piece inside your closet.

Different Types Of Pali Hawaiian Sandals

You can save your shoes for a long time while staying in the wonderful environment of the Hawaiian Islands if you replace them with Pali Hawaiian sandals, one of the most popular footwear in Hawaii. These soft sandals made of molded rubber are liked by people due to their snug and comfortable fitting on their feet. This footwear gives a homely feel as neither it flip-flops on your feet while walking with it nor its unbalances you due to the air pocket provided in its sole and its arch supports. So you can comfortably move all over Hawaii and Pali after wearing these comfortable foot wears.

Classic Pali Hawaii Sandals

IMG Source: http://www.alohaz.com/collections/pali-hawaii-sandals

Kinds Of Pali Hawaiian Sandal

These Pali footwear is available in different sizes and styles to be used by all types of people of all ages and genders as they are unisex products. Ladies can order for these sandals according to the size of their shoes whereas men should order A or one full size larger than their shoe size to be comfortable in them. Information about some of the unique Hawaiian foot wears is provided hereunder for your consideration.

Original Pali 2-strap classic sandal

These original classic sandals are available in navy blue, light blue and pink colors for kids and adults. They are commonly available in a wide range of sizes in each color. They are also available in brown, black and white colors, but to know their availability you will have to click on the left side button on the company’s website.

New Style 2-strap Sandals

Though they are not original sandals but still they are popular among people due to their unique design and style. These shoes have thicker bottom and support of the deeper arch to give a cushioned fell from inside through its wedge heel. The narrow straps on its top start a bit higher than originally flip-flops to give them a more feminine look. They are normally available in navy blue and brown colors in 6-10 size for adult ladies. They are best for walking on rocky and uneven surfaces due to their thick sole.

Dressy Footwear with Bow

These cute looking dressy Hawaiian sandals with higher heels are made of hard rubber to give a comfortable feel to its wearers through its excellently supporting arch. You can wear them while going to church or your work at the water front without fearing for their damage as they are waterproof. These shoes are heavier than others, but are available in almost all the sizes for kids and adults. They are available in dark brown color only.

Buckled Hawaiian Footwear

These footwears are liked by men and women alike due to their unique looks. These Pali sandals can be adjusted through its buckles to give a comfortable cushioned feel inside them. These brown colored shoes are available for men in all the American sizes for using them on rocky surfaces due to its heavy and firm bottom.

Thus you can easily save your shoes on the Hawaiian Islands by replacing them with Pali sandals made in Hawaii.

Girls Shoes: The Wedge Is Trending

Pull out from casual to dignified, wedges arrive in all styles and heights for latest girls shoes style. While wedge heels are an extremely trendy and versatile choice in girls design shoes, they will not gaze large on every person, or with every outfit. Like any shoe method, they have their pros and cons. So what exactly is a Wedge Heel? On most footwear, the “heel” is seated under only the heel of the base, but a wedge heel runs under the foot, from the back of the footwear to the middle or front.

Girls Shoes: Wedges Heel

As you’ve likely estimated, this girls shoes has a wedge form, but not all wedges are high heels. In fact, wedge heels variety from reduced to high, it’s the shape and the extent of the heel that classify it as a wedge. Advantages of Wedge Heels are these footwear add size, but are easier to stroll in than stilettos. Experienced and eye-catching, wedges have a very cosmopolitan gaze about them. A wedge heel gazes large with nearly any extent evade or girls dress shoes.

Girls Shoes Pros And Cons

Wedge heels, by environment, are a trendy choice; by just selecting to wear them, you up your latest trend quotient. Wedges girls shoes will add delineation and shape to hefty ankles, making them appear thinner. There are also cons of Wedges which Wedge heels are still heels, with all their pitfalls. Do not be fooled into conceiving you can run a marathon in them. Wedges can gaze a little clunky, especially when paired with very tight-fitting apparel.

Girls Shoes Ideas

Girls Shoes

Red Girls Shoes

Trend Girls Shoes

Black Girls Shoes

Girls Shoes Decor

Girls Shoes Design

Wedge heels are inclined to work best on shoes that are more on the casual edge. While there are dressier methods of wedges, finding a really dignified one can be a bit tough.
broad wedge heels will make really skinny ankles emerge even narrower. You will definitely look hot with: maxi dresses, briefs, Short dresses, Bohemian methods, slim gauzy fabrics, cover dresses and also wide or flared casual trousers or trousers. This wedge girls shoes do not applicable with pencil dresses, trousers with slender or directly legs.

Lakme Fashion Week 2013 – Know More About It

One of the most popular fashion events which are organized at Mumbai is Lakme Fashion Week which takes place bi-annually every year to introduce latest fashion trends to the public. The Summer-resort show of this event is presented in the month of February whereas its Winter-Festive show is normally organized in the month of August every year.

Lakme Fashion Week is run by Indian Fashion Design Council as a premier fashion event and the title is sponsored by Lakme, one of the top producers of cosmetics and other fashion trends. This fashion event was initiated in 1999 in which a wide range of fashion models participated actively starting from Naomi Campbell, an international model to a number of Bollywood film stars including Arjun Rampal, Malaika Arora Khan and Deepika Padukone. Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and Louis Vuitton are some of the international fashion brands that participated in this event alongwith several Indian designers including Rohit Bal, Manish Malhotra, Ritu Beri and Tarun Tahiliani. For several budding designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee this event was like a launch pad for their career in fashion world.

lakme fashion week

Lakme Fashion Week 2013

Summer-Resort 2013 of Lakme Fashion Week was inaugurated in Mumbai on last Saturday to display the latest fashion wears designed and created by a number of Indian designers including Nishka Lulla, Nupur Kanoi and Nikhil Thampi.

Shibani Dandekar, the popular anchor, had remarkably cheered up the designers by appreciating the wearability of their creations. According to her all the clothes displayed n the ramp were able to be adopted in real life due to their excellent wearability.

Richard Artschwager, a noted American painter, sculptor and illustrator, also commented on the fashion wears created by Nikhil Thampi as ‘an ode’ creation. According to him he was inspired by the Nikhil’s ideology for which he attributed him. Trousers, jackets, full-length gowns and long flowy tops in a number of colors including black, white and yellow were supposed by him as some of the excellent works done by him.

The collection of Niksha Lulla with a Bohemian feel also impressed many people. She displayed a transition in the story of a Bohemian girl, she presented in last season, who loved travelling. In fact dandelion flowers inspired her to use a lot of transparent mix of fabrics in her present presentation. Her collection was made to beat heat this summer so she included shirts, long dresses, shorts and long jackets in various soothing colors like light pink, blue and beige. She created fashion with a belief that style should give a comfortable as well as personal feel.

A fashion line titled as ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ introduced by Nupur Kanoi had lots of metallic touch. According to her she added this flavor with a lot of detailing on the sleeves and collars to give a chic look to her fashion style. She made the day wears more casual by including metallic décor on them which is normally used on evening wears.

So the Lakme Fashion Week 2013 was a very colorful event.