Beautiful Hollywood Artists Beyond 40

Beautiful Hollywood artists are no scarcity. The thing that amaze, though, would be those who are beyond their youthful beauty and yet still capture the interests of both the older and the younger generation. Some of these people are already beyond 50, yet they only prove that sometimes people are like wine: the older they are, the better they get.

Beautiful Women Beyond 40

Women who are considered beautiful Hollywood artists even when they are beyond 40 are topped by Dame Helen Mirren. Even at 67, she got “Body of The Year” title in 2011 after a photo shoot of her donning a bikini covered magazines in the USA. Then there is Iman. The Somali-born supermodel is 57 this year, and she is still as stunning as ever even without blonde hair and blue eyes. After retiring almost a decade ago, she started a cosmetic line aiming to enhance the beauty of women of various colors and sizes. Three years younger than her, there is Madonna. The Material Girl still keeps on going strong at 54, with her busy world tour schedule. In an interview, she revealed that dancing is the secret to her healthy look.

At 49, Elle Macpherson topped the women in 40s with killer look. The former TV host and supermodel credits her healthy diet, daily exercises and good genes for maintaining her looks. Close to her age is Sandra Bullock, who survives a divorce with her humor intact. It is perhaps also the secret to her always sunny look. On the younger side, Lucy Liu at 43 also manages to show off her healthy look by doing Pilates, running tracks and taking vitamins. You can also read Scarlett Johansson Lifestyle as a Woman in Hollywood.

Beautiful Hollywood Artists

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Beautiful Men Beyond 40

George Clooney still often topped hottest men lists even at 61. He is still going strong and productive with three movies up his sleeves this year. J Brad Pitt at 49 came close in second. As one half of the most well-known couple in Hollywood, he is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. Also at 49, Johnny Depp came in third. His trademark charisma and vintage fashion sense easily captured the heart of women, young and old alike. Beautiful Hollywood artists are indeed plenty, and thankfully old age won’t reduce the number anytime soon.

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