Carrot Jeans For A Fashionable And Relaxed Look

Almost everyone is familiar with ‘carrot’ the vegetable. It has a conical shape, that is, wide on one end and tapers towards the other end. These jeans are named so because they have the same shape. They are a design of denim jeans which are wide at the upper part (thighs and butt) but are narrower towards the lower end from the knees downwards. There are designs for both men and women and the hips can be either fitted or slung.

Why You Should Go For Carrot Jeans?

If you are tired of the old hip-hugging skinniest but are still looking for fashionable designs, this is the way to go. These offer you:

  • A relaxed look while at the same time showing off your figure.
  • Fashionable designs that can be worn during any occasion.
  • An outfit which you can wear with anything. You don’t have to spend time figuring out what will go well with the trousers.
  • They give a cool look to your outfit making you feel like you are up to date with most fashion trends.
  • Varying colors, prints and styles, the choice are yours.
  • Comfort.
  • Available in different sizes
Carrot Jeans

Carrot Jeans

Types Of Carrot Jeans

They come in mainly two types from which you can choose the one you want.

1. Skinny carrot jeans- these are available for both men and women. They are suitable for formal occasions giving you a sophisticated look. It combines the sleek look of skinny jeans and the slight looseness of these jeans around the crotch. They can be worn with low sandals, heels or even trainers and therefore suitable for everyday use.

2. Carrot top, jeans- the most current style which is characterized by much bagginess in the upper half, which highlights the slimness of the lower half. They give a look of elegance.

Carrot Jeans For Men

As much as there are both these jeans for men and women, they are more fashionable on men. They give you that relaxed look yet with a touch of elegance and fashion sense. For a great look and still be comfortable these are the trousers to have for any man. Carrot jeans for men are made to suit their bodies. The crotch is made longer for ladies and they have lesser wide hips. They are simply made to fit the manly shape giving you a look of elegance.


The price of these jeans varies according to many factors. These are such as: the store you get your pair on, the design, the size and the region you are in. On average, though, they cost between £50 and £100.

Cons of these jeans

These cannot be worn by every man. They target the young people who have a sense of fashion. Older men prefer more plain trousers to these.


These trousers offer a comfortable and relaxed but a fashionable look. They are ideal for people with a sense of fashion. As much as not every man will like their design, if you are the sort of a person looking towards leaving a fashion impression they are the ideal choice for you. They come in various designs, giving you huge room for choice.

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I love to keep my readers busy reading articles about latest trends in fashion. If you like my articles then do not forget to leave a comment for me.