Casual Jeans for Certain Body Types

Casual jeans are a kind of jeans that are designed to be worn for casual occasions. When shopping for casual jeans, the most important thing is to consider your particular body type. Even for casual like, different body shape can have a different look. For your information, there are several body shapes such as Hourglass Shape, Pear-shaped, Apple-shaped or straight. Each type needs different jeans to go casual

If you have Hourglass shape, you should try wide-leg casual jeans. Women having this body shape has full bust and hips with slim waist. On the other hands, they are very sexy and slim. With wide-leg jeans, your sexy curve can be highlighted. For the same effect, skinny jeans and cropped jeans are great ideas too.

There are also many women having pear-shaped body. In this body, the best casual jeans are the one which is loose for example flat-front flare jeans. This pair of jeans will make the leg slimmer. You might be interested in reading casual chic outfit.

Casual Jeans

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Women with straight body are usually not confident because they think that they are not sexy. They usually want to look curvier because they have only narrow hips. The best casual jeans for this type of women are mid-rise jeans.


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