Christmas Sweaters and Why They’re Ugly

 Christmas sweaters and the term ‘ugly’ are almost redundant these days. Instead of promoting on ‘fabulous’, ‘beautiful’, ‘warm’ or ‘cheerful’, stores big and small are boasting their sweaters as the ugliest.

The History

Sweaters have been the garments to go for cold weather since the 19th century, and yet it’s not until mid-2000 that Christmas sweaters got uglier and uglier. Before, the sweaters are knitted mainly by mothers and grandmothers to be gifted on Christmas day and to be worn during the family gathering. Typically, they were red and green, with large comical snowmen, reindeers, snowflakes and Santa Clauses on them. Although the festive design is loved by older people, who purposely making a whole generation wearing the same thing, the sweaters generally induce cringing on the youths for its tackiness.

They never can part themselves from the ugly sweaters, though. As ugly as it is, it usually serves as a commemoration of the happier days as a child, where the big families gathers around the fireplace and celebrate Christmas together. For grownups and young people alike, the sweaters always cause a warm and fuzzy feeling of homecoming, and that’s why the fashion never dies despite the ugliness. You might also read Best Halloween Costumes Choosing Tips.

Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Sweaters 2012

Christmas Sweaters Trend

The Parties

The ugly sweaters really started to take off in 2001, though, when ugly sweater parties were held during Christmas time. People instantly love it, because it gives them a reason to dress as ridiculous as possible without scarifying their pride. It was fun in an ironic ways, and similar events started spreading everywhere. In 2004 and 2005, people started getting creative and make catering the need for ugly sweaters their business. It is now a whole industry by itself, causing even famous designer brands to hop in with their own ‘ugly’ designs. It seems like the trends is not going away anytime soon, which means now moms and grandmothers have the final laugh at youths having to wear their ugly Christmas sweaters anyway.

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