Dragon Tattoos Designs On Your Body

Dragons are the mythical fire-breathing serpents that represent power, strength and wisdom, all of which is encapsulated in serrated beauty. That is to say, their images have for long been used to design some of the most popular tattoos we have. And contrary to what most people think, there are tons of dragon tattoo designs to choose from; or, let’s say, any dragon design you can possibly imagine of, can be created in the tattoo world. That said, here are some of the top dragon tattoos anyone should consider:

Dragon Tattoos Head

Dragon Tattoos Head

Well, if you’re not comfortable with having an entire dragon for a tattoo, you can settle for the head only. For a good tattoo, get a professional tattoo artist to incorporate more detail into the dragon’s face; most notably, bright eyes, green scaled skin, serpent’s tongue, and sharp jagged teeth. In the same light, the head can be wreathed in water and flames, and more color incorporated in other facial features to bring out the subtle details.

Traditional dragon

This tattoo encompasses the entire body of a dragon, winding up around your leg, arm and back. Usually, such tattoos take too much skin, and can only be recommended to tattoo enthusiasts with experience. To advance the design, you can set fire or tidal waves as the background of the dragon. And even though the colors of these tattoos often times vary, you can paint the fire red and the water blue with white highlights.

Tribal dragon

Generally, tribal tattoos are designed from a set of intersecting jagged and rounded lines from different regions of the world. To get this tattoo, get a good tattoo artist to draw the intersecting lines and create the image of a dragon. And since the tattoo fuses images from different regions of the world, you can choose to stick with the traditional solid black color, or use shades of different colors to add details to the tattoo. In whichever case, a tribal tattoo generally shows less detail and can actually take less space on your skin.

Dragon scales

Rather than tattooing an entire dragon or its head, you can settle for a simple design like dragon scales. Basically, this type of tattoo involves tattooing a patch of dragon scales on a selected region of your body. The good part is that this tattoo can actually be made small or large without interfering with the details or unsettling the overall meaning. But most importantly, ensure the tattoo blends with the rest of the skin perfectly well and can, as well, reveal all the delicate details of the tattoo more adequately. Furthermore, it’s advisable to use traditional hues that appear course and touchable.

Nether dragons

Nether dragons tattoo

This type of tattoo incorporates both the dragon and other things found in nature. A good example is the tattoo of a Koi (or any other type of fish) swimming underneath a dragon. Often times, tattoo artists prefer using bright colors for nature tattoos to give it a fantastic look. However, you can still combine lighter and darker shades in the design to come up with a more realistic dragon tattoo.

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I love to keep my readers busy reading articles about latest trends in fashion. If you like my articles then do not forget to leave a comment for me.