Fancy Clutch Bags Ideas for Handmade Project

Fancy clutch bags are very expensive if you buy them in stores. That is why handmade clutches that you can do it yourself can be applied to save money. Aside from saving money, handmade clutch bags can be suitable with what you want. Sometime when buying clutch bags at the department store or outlets, you get confused because you can’t find the ones match you. On the contrary, due to wide various options, you get lost and overwhelmed.

First, you need to prepare a simple and plain clutch. Or, if you are willing to, you can sew a new clutch using a sewing machine. But it is only for those who have a skill on sewing. Otherwise, the first idea is more recommended. The next step is to find decorative pieces to make fancy clutch bags.

After that, you must also prepare a glue to attach the decorative pieces, such as pearls or beads on the clutch. Make sure that the glue is specially designed to glue fabrics. Paper glue can’t be used in making fancy clutch bags. You might be interested in reading Blood Brothers t shirt.

Fancy Clutch Bags

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Fancy Clutch Bags Purse

Fancy Clutch Bags Jil Sander

Fancy Clutch Bags Dolce and Galbana Jewel

The safest way is to sew the pearls on the clutch using thread and needle. Before you attaching the decorative element, it is better to make a sketch first so the fancy clutch bags you make will be well-made.

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