Fashion Police Halloween Costumes Don’ts

Fashion police Halloween costumes won’t actually arrest you for dressing up badly on Halloween, but they might not restraints from posting embarrassing photos of you on Facebook. So beware of these don’ts before you go to a party, because ideas that seem smart don’t always work well in practice.

The Don’ts for Casual Parties

The first don’t on fashion police Halloween costumes is for dressing up in full-body paint-on costumes. Party people don’t really watch their alcohol or movement, and should someone accidently spoil some liquid on you, you’re done for. Snuggle is also a bad idea to wear. It sure is comfortable, but it’s definitely far from flattering. Cat woman is one very popular Halloween costumes, but make sure your costume is not made of Lycra or any material of that type. Besides the inevitable bathroom trouble, you will also have a hard time keeping yourself comfortable during the last half of the night.

Another don’t is for dressing up in something edible. Lots of things could happen with it, and none of them is a good thing. Dressing up as a pun is also a big no. It sure is fun to explain to people about your costume when the night is young, but by the 15th time it will get really irritating. Other big no is playing with racisms, Nazis or playing with religion roles like ‘happy priest’ and ‘happy nun’. You can also read Paris Clothing Style for Women.

Fashion Police Halloween Costumes

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More Don’ts on Office Parties

Although most companies celebrate Halloweens, not all of them require costumes, so always ask when you get the invitation. If it’s indeed a costume party, ask around what other people are wearing, or hint about it. Don’t overdress yourself, especially if you’re not sure how much your Bosses will dress up themselves. Don’t go against the company’s standard policy and don’t be disruptive to co-workers just because of the celebrations. Especially if it’s your first Halloween celebration at your current workplace, always play it safe and don’t assume much. Remember that the fashion police Halloween costumes in the workplace are your own Bosses and you will pay dearly if you mess up.

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