Leather Pants Time

Leather pants can you see again recently wearing by some girls in the mall or in the popular spots for hanging out in the cities. The pants that are made from leather are very tight pants that will change your look as a common college girl into a very pretty girl with perfect body. That is because the pants will make your body slimmer and makes your legs longer. The leather itself ever reached it lowest point of popularity in early 90 where the corduroy pants are holding the popularity.

Leather for College

For college, you can combine a leather pants with some cardigans or big size sweater. The combination of the tight pants with an oversize thing will make you perfectly look awesome. Don’t be afraid to choose metallic color for your leather like red, shocking pink, purple or yellow. For you who want to look casual you can choose black or brown. Make your best fringes in the college jealous of your style with the pants. It is the leather era girls.

Leather for a Back Horse Riding

Some girls like to ride back horse. Some of them ride horses for sport some girls do it for fun, several of them ride horse for sport and the rest is just for show of. I don’t know which group you belong to but the thing I care is; try to wear a thigh pants made from leather some times. The leather will match with the horse image, wild and sexy. You might also read Jeans for Genes never Ends.

Leather Pants

Leather Pants 2012

Leather Pants Trend

I bet you want to look pretty while riding a horse right? The pants also will match with your riding polo shirt. Dont forget to wear knee length boots to complete this elegant appearance in riding your black horse. You can add a hat in your head to maximize your look with the leather pants.

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