Make A True Fashion Statement With Apple Bottom Jeans

Apple Bottom Jeans represents a brand that’s been launched in 2003 by the rap artist Nelly along with Ian Kelly and Yomi Martin. They’ve been made famous by the renowned American rapper Flo Rida, in the duet song “Low” starring T-Pain. From then on, many women choose this apparel as a way of sending strong fashion signals at certain events and getting their style taste remarked. This type of clothing works like a charm at any type of event, but it cannot go unnoticed when speaking about parties or ballrooms. With this in mind, here are a few advantages of this clothing that women should take into consideration:

Apple Bottom Jeans Make Legs Appear Sexier

Apple Bottom Jeans

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Due to the fact they are molded on the legs, this type of clothes makes women appear to have more legs and thus be sexier on the dance floor. Furthermore, they cannot be considered uncomfortable as when dancing they tend to follow legs’ movement, hence resulting in great hip-hop or dance moves. These clothes are simply great when it comes to casual dance, hence why many stars including J Lo chose to wear them till date.

Work well with just about any outfit

They work excellent with any type of casual or party outfit, being the perfect party starter in a matter of events. They do not necessitate frequent washing and they can turn into the perfect replacement for a long dress when it comes to stylish appearances. Considered as the epitome of urban clothing, most women choose these to relinquish their exquisite fashion state and help them get remarked on the dance-floor or at special occasions.

To help highlight the bottom part

Many women complain about the fact that they make them appear less feminine and sexy, but this is not the case of the famous Nelly brand. These jeans are super slim and are exactly what a woman needs when it comes to highlighting the bottom part and legs during special events. They do not present a low waist so the risk of them falling off is basically inconsistent, even when worn in association with a belt.

Can be worn in just about any event

Regardless whether speaking about an exquisite party, a night out with the girls or simply some evening shopping, these jeans can be worn successfully every time. They never get old and help attract man’s attention in whatever circumstances, since they are created to make you feel sexy while wearing them. Choose to get out of the crowd and order a pair of Apple Bottom so that you can become a fashion star even if only for one night.

In conclusion, these jeans were created as to aid women obtain that perfect look without the usual hassle. Being easily assorted to a wide array of outfits, these ones never pass by unnoticed. They help highlight every inch of the leg and waist, hence helping women to feel sexier than ever. Coming in different sizes, they are guaranteed to be a perfect fit for everyone. The color choice ranges from light blue to dark, which is a more suitable choice for night clubs.

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I love to keep my readers busy reading articles about latest trends in fashion. If you like my articles then do not forget to leave a comment for me.