Old Fashioned Halloween Traditions

Old Fashioned Halloween or Vintage Halloween is originated in Scotland and Ireland. It is believed to be influenced by European harvest festivals or festivals of the dead that was held to commemorate the end of harvest season and the start of the darker winter. On this night a celebration would be held to honor the dead. The name itself originated from the words All Hallows’ Evening or All Hallows’ Eve, which means the night before All Hallows’.

The Roots of Traditions

In old fashioned Halloween, it was believed that during this night, the passage to the Otherworld would open so that ghosts and spirits could roam free in the world of the living. To disguise mortals from harmful ghosts at night, they wore ghost and spirit costumes. It was believed to be the start of today’s tradition of costume-wearing. Of course, at that time costumes are meant to be scary and creepy-looking, while today, cute costumes are also appreciated and applauded.

In Ireland, at the beginning of 19th century, there was also a custom of a man leading a group of kids to collect food from families door-to-door. By giving food, the household will be blessed with good luck from the gods. This could be the root of trick-or-treat that exists today. Jack-o’-Lantern was also believed to originate from the Irish tradition of carving turnip lanterns and making faces on them, and then putting them outside their houses to protect them from evil spirits and ghosts. You can also read Sweater Dress Ideas for Casual Night Out.

Old Fashioned Halloween

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Other Symbols and Traditions

After being brought to North America, the tradition of turnip lantern was preserved but changed into pumpkins, which are bigger, softer and easier to be carved. The act of collecting food door-to-door was quickly adapted by children, saying, “Trick or treat,” as a gentle threat for adults who don’t want to give out candies. Of course, the tradition of wearing costumes prevails until today with some modifications. There are some traditional games played at parties, including apple bobbing in which the participants have to pick up apples floating on water only using their teeth. The most famous traditional food for the festival is candy apples, which is basically apples that are rolled in sugar syrup. Thankfully, most of those old fashioned Halloween traditions are still preserving today for us to enjoy.

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