Secret Fashion Show And Its Growing Popularity

The majority of the people from different parts of the world are becoming highly fashion conscious with every passing day. As a result, the popularity of designer wear has been on the upsurge. This recognition is not only limited to the clothes that people wear, but also applies to inner wears. Lingerie, bikinis, bras and panties have become a fashion statement, which has compelled the creative designers as well as various lingerie companies to splurge huge amount of dollars on the secret fashion show to display their latest works. The guests to such fashion show are usually celebrities from film fraternities and other popular sectors. Special invitations are sent out to selected list of celebrities and entry of others is completely prohibited. With over a million of audiences, this secret fashion show is the star studded affair.

Secret Fashion Show

Secret Fashion Show

The models, which walk the ramp in sexy bikinis or very expensive bras and panties, are gorgeous female models from various parts of the world. They usually have wings, crowns, tiaras, fur or floral patterns to offer a sexy and rich appeal to the entire show. This glittery show is aired only on selected TV channels, which have the rights to broadcast the show after following a few procedures. People all around the world just glued to their television sets to have a glimpse of sexy models in a ravishing and most expensive inner wears. The sizzling females in extra high heels take everyone’s breath away. That is why people anticipate the date of secret fashion show with great expectations.

With the rise in its popularity and increasing response from various corners of the globe, the entertainment segment has improved greatly. Popular pop singers and dancers are roped in to offer a captivating and mesmerizing performance, which has created a great enthusiasm among the youngsters. The main attraction of such secret fashion show is a popular model of the year wearing a bra that costs a whopping sum of $2.5 million which is the dream of every girl on the planet. The bra boasts of delicate and intricate designs that consist of more than 3,400 gems.

Apart from its pomp and rich garments used in the secret fashion show, the models who walk down the ramp are blessed souls as they get the chance to use the world class makeup products. In addition, more than 20 makeup artists work on them to make them look very beautiful and radiant. The unique blend of top notch makeup, posh inner wear, sexy models, high voltage celebrity performance and fashion make the fashion show a great success each year.

Whether witnessing the show live or on TV, it is like living in a fantasy as the theme is different from each other. These are carried with great ease by the beautiful damsels who walk with great poise with a soothing and lingering music at the backdrop. Apart from the exorbitant look and style, secret fashion show aims at bringing heaven to Earth, which is filled with extravagance and luxury. There are no words to describe the sexual energy it creates within each individual in secret fashion show!

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