Skinny Jeans – Facts You Should Know About Them

Skinny jeans or slim-fit pants have a cozy fit throughout once height, and ends in a small leg opening that normally ranges between 9 to 20 inches mainly depending on the size you have ordered. Other names commonly used to refer to this design include stovepipes, cigarette pants, drainpipes, pencil pants and skinnies.

Skinny Jeans

Pencil Skinny Jeans

Pencil jeans taper fully at the bottom, while drainpipe jeans are skinny at around the waist, but towards the lower leg they straighten up instead of tapering. As such, they are normally a little baggy at the bottom end compared to other skinny jeans. However, they are still categorized as slim-fit pants. In some models of skinnies, zippers are used at the bottom end to facilitate easier while pulling them over the feet. In some other models of cigarette pants, stretch denim of around 2 to 4% spandex is utilized to allow the jeans to have a super slim grip. They come in a wide variety of styles, design and colors.

Origin of Pencil Jeans

From as early as during the 17th and the 18th centuries, skinny longs were used as part of the three piece suit that was commonly worn during that period. The idea of slim-fit pants originated from hose and breeches that were worn by European men before the 18th century. During Tudor times, breeches were generally cross fitting but towards 1660s, tight breeches were gaining center stage as fashionable.

Development skinny longs in the 2000s

In 2005, slim-fit pants were reintroduced again in the mainstream market for women. These new pants were commonly referred as drain pipes. During their first year in the market, they were only available online. Initially, they were not well received by the general public, though they were an impressive number of early adopters to warrant their manufacture. It was not until 2006 that skinny jeans appeared as mainstream clothing in the fashion arena. By this time, they were prominently being sold in brick and mortar boutiques. Sales grew so high during this year, that even the earlier conservative stores such as Gap started dealing with them in the women’s rack. In most cases, pencil jeans are normally won tucked in boots. They spread to other demographics mainly during 2007.

Development of Drain Pipes in 2010s

By late 2007, skinny longs were slowly creeping into men’s fashion. This trend continued until slim-fit jeans reached their pick for both men and females in 2011/2012. In Europe, skinny jeans for males have a baggier waist appear loose on the waist and skinny at the bottom.

Medical problems Associated with Drain Pipes

A theory by Victoria, doctors suggested that drain pipes had caused an outbreak of apoplexy around New York. However, the accuracy of this statement is still questionable given the overly speculative nature of early medicine. As of to-date, doctors believe that pencil jeans can result to numbness due to compression of nerves. A recent study by a group of Korean doctors tells that slim-fit jeans can cause varicose veins, and dyspemia due to overheating of testes.

Religious Views on Skinnies

Middle East countries, Islamic groups have disapproved skinny jeans. This is because they consider them immodest, a threat to local tradition and overly sexual. For example, in Saudi Arabia, police have been instructed to put into custody teenagers who dress in skinny longs, since they are considered un-Islamic and a sign of homosexuality when worn by men.

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I love to keep my readers busy reading articles about latest trends in fashion. If you like my articles then do not forget to leave a comment for me.