Dresses 2012 Summer Trends

Dresses 2012 summer brings back the season of beaches, barbecues and parties. The warm weather makes dresses the perfect choice to wear for women, and it comes in different sizes and shapes that everyone can find one to her liking. Here are some categories of dress trends for 2012.

Based on Lengths

Based on lengths, dresses 2012 summer are classified into mini dresses, mid-length dresses and air-maxi dresses. Mini dresses hold the most choices for women who aren’t afraid to show off a little skin. They come practically in every color and shapes imaginable, light and suitable for most occasions. Mid-length dresses are perfect for those who dislike air-maxi dresses for its impracticality but are shy to wear the mini dresses. It always looks elegant and is wearable to both formal and informal events. Air-maxi dresses are the top trendy for the year, though. With sheer fabrics like chiffon, taffeta, or organza and come in daring prints and shapes, the dresses are perfect for formal and semi formal occasions.

Based on Colors, Shapes and Accessories

Glittering dresses are hot again this year for those wanting to be the center of attention. Silver or gold colors are always elegant, or go bolder with blue, green or red. Floral prints are also the trend every summer. Go for the feminine and delicate looks of small floral pattern or be daring and cheerful with the bigger ones. Another yearly summer trend is white dresses. The color will make the dress even cooler to wear in warm weather, and it always looks lovely under the bright sunny sky. You might also read Beautiful Hollywood Artists Beyond 40.

Dresses 2012 Summer

Dresses 2012 Summer Trends

Dresses 2012 Summer Style

If shape is your choosing consideration, go for asymmetrical hemlines this year. Many designers go bold with the style this year, not only to dresses but also to tops and coats. Pick your choice between trains, one-sided cut or the mullet dress. Lace and frills aren’t left behind this year as well. You can choose your preference for either neat and classy or huge and eye-catching. The last of the trends is peplums. Peplums have become bigger and bolder, and are available in both casual and evening dresses. Enjoy the dresses 2012 summer and happy vacation!