Fashion Tips: How to Wear Purple

Fashion tips are sometimes needed to make your appearance looks greater. This kind of tips will be very useful thing. Moreover if it is related about something that you don’t know at all caused of the difficult thing. As the example is how to wear clothing that I created in strong color like purple. Actually, it is quite difficult to adjust purple with other color to make your appearance looks beautiful. Well, here are some tips related to it.

 The general fashion tips to wear strong color like purple is by mixing blue and red color to make the skin tones looks flat. The first idea is by combining the clothing in purple color with dark color that is neutral such as black or charcoal. The example is purple blouse that is combined with under dark. This combination will be very good to work suit.

The other fashion tips related to this is that you may also adjust clothing in the purple with clothing in string prints such as white and black shoes. This will make you to look funky. You might be interested in reading mens watches.

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While for the makeup, it will be better if you complete your purple tones with purple eye shadow. But, you may keep the eye shadow in light and sheer to keep your eye bright. Applying these fashion tips will make your appearance looks great.