Fashion Updates For Men And Women

Trends and fashion are ever changing and no one ever wants to be left out. You would not want to step out of the house while resembling an 80-year old nanny which can turn out to be the worst fashion disaster. Fashion varies with gender, time of the year and the ongoing trends. It is also good to define your own fashion once in a while instead of imitating what you see around. In order to make a bold fashion statement, you should have constant fashion updates so that the next time you hit the streets, you get all the eyes swinging your way because you look trendy and stylish. 

Fashion Updates for Men and Women

Fashion Updates For Women:

Monochrome checked dresses for a smart-casual look are quite in vogue. Dresses with a square neckline give you a bold look, bringing to mind someone working in the media or banking. Dresses with a low hanging neckline are more suited for dinner-wear or cocktail parties. Get a dress which reaches just below the knees to give a glimpse of your legs without giving away too much.

Black and white monochrome jackets (meaning no other color) paired with either loose slacks or a fitting skirt will make you stand out. The good thing about this look is that you can pull it off on a casual day or on an official day. A bigger motif gives you a more outstanding look, so be bold and try this out. Accessorize with matching pearl low hanging earrings. Sunglasses on a sunny day will do. Even if you do not put them on, using them to hold back your hair is not a bad idea.

Fashion Updates

Fashion Updates

Fashion Updates For Men:

Tight fitting blazers and coats with a single button bring forth your masculinity. Colors like dull purple for the casual look or deep grey for a more official look will do. The blazer should do a good job of partially covering a tight fitting cotton shirt. Pink and baby blue are good colors to go with purple, especially on a day when the sun is not out. A tie is optional, but ties do not go well with fitting shirts. If you decide to put on a tie with this look, put on a loose-fitting shirt. Plug in a handkerchief that matches the tie into your breast pocket.

Latest Fashion Updates

Colorful suede or canvas loafers can be used to portray a playful nature if you are out on a date. There are some trendy loafers with more than one color. However, you should be cautious with these because they make your feet the focal point of your figure while taking away from your torso. For a more official look, yet remaining trendy, try black suede shoes. Accessorize with a good looking watch from your favorite designer and a cufflinks to boot.

Fashion updates varies with the time of the year. Depending on the occasion, what you wear can make a different statement. There are casual events, smart events and in-between events. Always remember we are in an age where we define our own fashion, but we still have to stick to the trend. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors. The bolder you are, the better you’ll look.