Feather Tattoo Becomes Symbolic Art in Native American

Feather tattoo is to the symbolic art in Native American. Tattoo becomes popular in the world, especially in Native American. They use it to be a heritage symbol and the spiritual sides touch. They wear feathers tattoo on a body. It is also in clothing, weapons, head dresses, jewelry, tool, etc.

In their culture, feather tattoo represents the power of gods, air, wind, etc. Eagle feather is the most common feather which is used in Native American. It is given to warriors in the tribe as a symbol of courage, honor and bravery. It can also imply with those who have die.

In different culture believed, if a feather fell in the path, it were a sign that someone has passed in their death. The Native American has high art in appreciating art with feather tattoo. They still hold the belief and history to defend their culture. The culture becomes the rich source for the history. You can also read about Denim fahion women in this site.

Feather Tattoo

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The mystic and cool impression in Native America makes them competitive in seeking and making it on their body. Women in Native America are excited to the men who make it on their body. They will seem terrify but cool. Feather tattoo always becomes trend with developing era,