Hem a Dress, Formal Dress for Wedding

Hem a dress as the common way in the style of wearing a dress; it is worth to be applied in the outfit fashion in stylish. This is a creative way to design and match the dress to fade in our body. This is also a great idea in looking fashionable with an ‘on your own’ style, very own style that is created by our selves.

Experimental Way of Hem a Dress

Since hem a dress is said as the smart way of wearing and combining a dress through dressing style. People are demanded to be more careful choosing a dress to be hemmed. They also have to be really smart and creative in combining a dress to be applied through the way of hemming a dress. Since people are always interesting to have experiences of their own style, this dressing style are often become the most choice of them. Playing the experimental way of dressing, combining and trying new idea in dressing is always interested to do.

The Way in Hem a Dress

In this creative way we just need to choose the right dress that will be wore. Pick some accessories and shoes to be applied as the outfit supports and also decide how style we will use. This is a quite simple idea, a creative one of some alternatives in dressing styles. The perfect looks of hem length will be dressed in a short, in a bout ¼ inch of cutting. Then put pins to be applied in order to mark them. Place some pins in every two inches. Then lay them to the floor, cut them off then iron them carefully. You can also read Tatto Design for Girls Tips.

Hem a Dress

Hem a Dress 2013

Hem a Dress Style


After we finished with some steps above, it will be a great looks of a new cut dress. A new cut out off our very own creations of dressing style. Hem a dress is the most creative way of dressing style.