New Fall Fashion 2012

New fall fashion trends count about a million to date. Although some are a comeback instead of new innovation, they are re-invented and re-modeled such that you probably would not recognize that it is an old trend at all. Among them, though, there are some trends that stand out and be unique by themselves. Here are the latest two visible trends.


One of the new fall fashion trends of 2012 is in the embellishments. The first embellishment to notice would be embroidery. The practice of embroidery might not be new, but the designs and the style are regenerate year by year. This year, the embroidery has gone far from monogram and more into batik style and other ethnic patterns that both accentuate and decorate the clothing. Beading is another versatile embellishment. Whether pearl, crystal or other beads, they add accents to any clothing with elegance and luxury. It can even be incorporated into your footwear and clutches or bags. Sequins add a similar effect to your clothing and pumps with glitz of glamour.

Leather is a material in style this year, but it is also used as embellishment. Whether as an accent to a collar, as lapel or as cuffs on sleeves, it always brings sophistication and elegance to its wearer. Fur also has similar effect. While rarely used by itself, it serves great as embellishment to the finished clothes. Like other materials, fur is also great for the footwear and bags. You might also read Get Your Dazzling Mini Dresses Style.

New Fall Fashion

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Sweaters are not really new, but they have been re-invented again and again. Whether classic crew necks, scoop necks or V-necks, they will look great as layers as well as lone wears. Oversized ones are especially in trends this year. Add in mock turtleneck, turtleneck and cardigan to the list, and you’ve got a complete comfort wear of latest trends in your closet to follow the new fall fashion of 2012.