New York Fashion Week 2013 Highs And Lows

The New York fashion week is a semi-annual event that is held twice every year, first in February and then in September. For close to seventy years the New York fashion week has held its own against formidable events such as the Paris, Milan and London fashion weeks. Initially the event was thought to be a little drab since it was held after the Paris and London fashion week’s even attracting criticism for supposedly having closely similar designs to those of the London fashion week.

New York Fashion Week 2013

Besides this, fashion enthusiasts and buyers arrived weary from the spoils of other fashion events. However since the fashion week was moved up the calendar to occur before the London, Milan and Paris events to take an earlier slot, it created some breathing space for itself out of Europe’s shadow. By this changes, not only did it fend off claims of similarity with London but also ensured that buyers arrived in the right state to participate.

New York Fashion Week

The New York fashion week has a history beginning during the Second World War. Initially instead of the New York fashion week, it was called the press week and it came about as a result of the inaccessibility of Paris during the fashion week. Fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders who couldn’t go to Paris due to the war were treated to a fashion event known as the press week organized by fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert. This event was a huge success and even established fashion magazines such as vogue which initially had only featured French fashion began to increasingly feature American fashion.

After several location and arrangement changes, the public as treated to a taste of technology in 2009 when designer submissions were done over the internet. This made it cheaper and easier for designers to create collections besides saving them time since they could broadcast their designs over the internet. This led to the growth of the online fashion market with some brands selling exclusively online. Phone applications have been developed exclusively for this purpose. After Mercedes-Benz became the official the event, the New York fashion week changed its name to Mercedes-Benz fashion week.

New York Fashion Week Events

The most recent New York fashion week was held during fall/ winter from February 7th to 14th 2013. However unlike past events, critics claim that this event was not as charged up as it ought to have been. Some of the downside factors to the event include Alexander wangs show which despite the strength it had, felt like a precursor to the debut at the Balenciaga in Paris the next week rather than a bow to New York. Also a downside to the event was the rescheduling of marc Jacobs show to a very late hour of the valentine night. Also was the fact that the undisputable model of the night was a Brit, Carla Delavigne, who did her best to liven up the event though.

Above all it doesn’t go without noticing new trends and comeback fashion statements in the industry. Trends such as layering, the beanie accessory, the 70s glam retro trend, the round shoulder silhouette and madder carmine made a great impact at the New York fashion week.