Nike Shoes For Women: More Support And Less Chafing During Runs And Training

Nike, a leader in shoe innovation, has been part of shoes for women trend. In the mid-1980s, they have begun to develop nike shoes for women line. The ratio of heel to forefoot, arch support and the pronation pattern have become special concern of the Nike brand to provide cushioning and stability specifically for the needs of women shoes.

Product Positioning of Nike Shoes for Women:

The positioning of the Nike brand and women’s shoe is one of superior quality. Nike shoes are technologically superior to others in their market and they provide any women with a competitive edge. They are costly, but they are also viewed as the best in the market. Nike appeals to their target market through the idea of simplicity. Nike shoes for women simply states the facts about their product and technology, and uses the brand awareness of consumer to gain trust and confidence. It allows women to focus on the specific, high quality shoes without clutter of the industry.

Design and Technology of Nike Shoes for Women:

– Radiused Crash Pad For Stability:

A more rounded heel to the shoe allows a smoother and more natural foot strike reducing the stress of pronation for women shoes.

– Dynamic Fit Technology:

For improved forefoot fit. Women tend to have broader forefeet and so, as a result, the widest part of the forefoot is very often the site of problems such as fit issues, sores and bunions for most female runners.

– Arch Strap For Arch Support:

A good fit in the arch is paramount, and a stable and secure women shoe is when the arch fit is right.

– Women’s Specific Bareflex Pattern:

Designed for extra flexibility. Women’s joints and ligaments are more flexible than male counterparts and their range of motion differing from men too. Therefore, Nike shoes for women rate the importance of flexibility in the shoe higher than men.

– Women’s Specific Sockliner:

Female specific ortholite foam adaptive “Fitsole Sockliner”. A woman’s natural heel footpad is on average less mass than her male counterpart. The women’s sockliner uses a much skinnier heel fit ensuring a better fit and is extra thick for added cushioning and greater in shoe comfort.

Nike Shoes for Women

– Adjusted Pressure:

Adjustments to shoes for women units to match the weight of average women runner. The result is a more responsive ride tuned to reflect her body mass.

– Women’s specific lasts:

Women have smaller heel bones and height in the midfoot. They have a wider pelvis, which causes a wider swinging gait. All these require specific solution. The women’s lasts are slightly wider in the forefoot and snugger in the heel without adding height in the forefoot.

Nike Shoes for Women is Great Choice for Long Distance Training and Sporting:

Nike has become one of the most popular race walking shoes for women in recent memory. It is a performance racer, but with great support for over-pronation. It has a fast “feel” for short races and speed work, but the support and outsole durability to make it a great choice for long distance training and sporting. Nike shoes for women utilizes a revolutionary cushioning technology. Offering both great cushioning and responsiveness, they really have a high rate of energy return!!

The Final Verdict:

Nike spends a large amount of time for researching the designs, tastes, and technologies of their shoe patterns. Nike shoes for women was able to pull away from competition with their high quality shoes and gain considerable market share among women!!