Raincoat Drawing for Children

Raincoat is special coat with various raincoat drawing styles which commonly worn in rainy season. This coat is typically made of specific material with water resistant. It may be plastic and rubber for better material which commonly utilized for raincoat. Well, as like other clothes and apparel in fashion, raincoat also comes in various styles and designs following the latest fashion trend.

Raincoat drawing is typically made to create new raincoat model. The drawing of raincoat has similar duty as like sketches. We know that sketches are made before a designer sewing up the raincoat. This raincoat sketch is drawn in simpler style to know exactly the basic design of the raincoat. No wonder that the raincoat sketches look untidy rather than photo.

Raincoat drawing comes in various styles and models following the latest fashion trend. Basically, raincoat is designed with long skirt part and tight close front look. There will be veil to protect the head from rain. To strengthen the head veil, flexible straps are installed on the neck area. You can also read business suits.

Raincoat Drawing

Raincoat Drawing Whales

Raincoat Drawing Trends

Raincoat comes in various color schemes and even patterns. Many people prefer to choose brighter or vibrant hues of the raincoat for children. Sometimes, funny character on the pattern looks unique and cheerful for children. Raincoat drawing is available in many styles to choose either adult or kid.

Raincoat Drawing For Children

Raincoat drawing is becomes something famous among the parents and children as the season becomes so rainy recently. Here with the rain, there with the rain everywhere is raining. Children raincoat is already colorful enough but   there barely pictures on it. The children need more pictures and color touch for the raincoat because they are cute so they need something cute to wear even in the wet situation.

Draw the Pattern

In the house, you can do your own drawing in the raincoat. First all you have to do is prepare the raincoat that need more touch. It is better for you when it is only one color on it. Then in the big paper, draw some pattern you want like a cartoon character, a cat, a mouse, a flower, etc. all your children want in for the raincoat drawing. No problem to get some mistakes in your drawing process. Later you will not use the paper. It is only a blue print that will be applied in the coat.

Cutting the Pattern

After you finished drawing, cut the pattern with the scissor you have in the house, cut it carefully and neatly. You will glue the pattern you cut in the part of the raincoat you want to or your children want to. After you finish the gluing process, draw lines based on the pattern with permanent board marker. Take off the pattern you have glued and you will get the lines only in the raincoat. You will come to the coloring process then. You might also read Japanese Fashion Trends.

Raincoat Drawing

Raincoat Drawing 2012

Raincoat Drawing Trend

In the coloring process, provide some oil color with you. Do the coloring based on your imagination or base on the real color of the character you draw. That’s all, enjoy your raincoat drawing.