Trends In Street Fashion

Couture is still considered the most glamorous in the fashion industry, but the presence of diversified markets and cultural mix have given birth to the more popular street fashion. Most men and women are unable to buy expensive branded or designer clothing, which has led to the creation of fashion wear for all i.e. street based fashion. Fashion inspirations are now spread via sites such as Tumblr and Lookbook. People post their own pictures on social networking websites, and an attractive dress can ultimately turn into a popular street look.

Some Trends Never End

Classic looks to always stay in fashion. Street wear reflects youth subcultures, you can go classy and add in some attitude to make it more appealing. A simple example is to go for the hippie look with commonly used clothes such as denim and loose shirts, complemented by sunglasses and hair bands. Another easy to adopt look is the punk fashion. It includes wearing articles like leather jackets, chains, patches, ripped jeans etc. The good part about punk fashion is that you can redefine it in accordance with your personality. Ripped jeans, leather jacket and a fancy shirt are enough to give you the perfect look, or add some jewelry for an extra tough look. Other options include gothic, greaser or hip hop style.

Street Fashion

Vintage Wear

Search for old pieces of cloth in your store room. You may find some attractive vintage articles belonging to your elders. An old denim jacket of the 90s can be of great fashion worth today. Elbow pads, printed bottoms, and colorful blazers are included among trending these days. Vintage clothing shops can be visited to buy cheap yet fashionable clothing. Boutiques and famous fashion stores also use vintage designs in their latest clothing line, but there is nothing more impressive than authentic vintage wear.

Being Up to Date

Vintage styles can be of good help to get started, but if you need to stay up to date and follow the latest urban trends then take fashion inspirations from the best brands. Buying brands like Gucci, Versace, GAP and Calvin Klein isn’t easy for everyone, but still there are many other brands to choose from. Old Navy is a part of GAP Inc. but it is meant for people having lower-income, and sells great clothes at decent prices. Simply knowing what’s in fashion can help you choose the right clothes even if they don’t belong to a big brand. View latest fashion collections from various brands on their official websites, or go window shopping in a popular mall to get a better idea.

Current Trends

Fashion trends vary a lot from place to place, but the basic standards usually stay the same in the international fashion industry during a particular period. Current fashion inspirations for various pieces of clothing include formal shirts with French cuffs with slightly narrow collars. Loose fitted casual trousers aren’t in fashion anywhere, skinny is trending upwards. Fit blazers with checks and lining are going popular. Velvet isn’t in fashion anymore, but it is still being used for piping or for highlights.

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